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When joining Wandoo Finance, you gain unique experience working in and developing a fast-growing Fintech company. We expect our employees to be the best at what they do. Naturally, our employees deserve the best in return. That’s why we offer competitive salaries and health benefits, including health insurance. We strongly believe that for our employees to be most efficient, they need the best work environment as well.
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No bureaucracy
You have the chance to create, innovate and make impactful decisions.
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A regular company briefing/ transparency on company results and goals.
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Referral Bonus
As an employee of Wandoo Finance, you can receive a referral bonus for referring a new employee.
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Learning and development possibilities (i.e., paid courses per your qualifications and learning days).
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Supportive environment
Open feedback culture and a supportive environment where the hands-on approach is highly appreciated.
Hybrid working model
A flexible attitude towards occasional work-from-home and, a once-per-year extended work-from-anywhere period.
Benefits of Wandoo
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Must have
Health insurance, paid phone bill and free parking at the office.
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Good to have
A fully stocked kitchen - food, snacks, fruits, tea and coffee.
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Nice to have
An occasional pool or table tennis tournament over lunch break.
Cool to have
X-mas party, building exercises over summer months and celebrating victories, pizza party etc.
Team building

Connected and motivated

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There's no better method for building camaraderie than embarking on an adventure together. We are firm believers and followers of this method as often as possible.
Every goal reached and a job well done should be rewarded. That's why it's important to come together in order to celebrate our achievements and commitment to our cause.
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As people improve, so does a community. That's why we take care to invest in the individual growth of every member of our team.
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